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When you share Soon with others, you can get a forever share of Soon's revenue.

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Perpetual Referral Revenue Share*

Perpetual as in forever, never-ending, eternal...you get it.


One-time Referral Business

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*For every person referred, a 50% share of all transfer fee revenue they produce will be shared perpetually with the person who referred them.


with your friends and followers

Get a

of the revenue your friends
generate, forever

Share Fully-Automated Investing with Your Friends

Soon can help make investing easy for your friends, and you can benefit when your friends use Soon. It’s a win-win.

For Affiliates &

Designed for Affiliates, Influencers and Everyone Else

The Soon Share program is a perfect way for anyone to monetize an audience or get a little extra money in your Soon account. It's simple, just share your unique link.

A New Way for Followers to Support Your Passion

Soon allows your followers to build wealth and support you at the same time. It's a win-win.

Focus More on Creating, Less on Monetization

You're a creator, you should be spending most of your time on creating content, not selling yourself and your channel. Soon's ambassador program can help make that a little easier.

Supplement Your Revenue Streams

Soon's Ambassador Program allows you to benefit from your follower's recurring monthly deposits. Soon is a great way to supplement your existing monetization strategies.

Let's Grow Together

At Soon we are not interested in one-time, transactional relationships. Soon is a family, and we want you to become one of us. Your success is our success, and with the Soon Share program, we all grow together. We’re in this for the long-haul!

Rev-Share Earnings Potential

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Joining the Soon Share Program

Soon’s Share program is designed to give you a perpetual affiliate link. So for anyone that you refer, you will receive a 50% share of any transfer fee revenue Soon collects from them...forever.

Install the Soon app and connect bank acct.

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for the ambassador program

Share your affiliate link

Earn as people you refer use Soon

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Program Rules

Here are a few things you need to know about the Soon Ambassador Program.
Get the full details of the Soon Ambassador Program here: Soon Affiliate Program Terms and Condition

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