With Soon Sync you can get all the benefits of Soon's automated services in the exchange of your choice.

Automation in your favorite exchange


Soon automates the purchasing of crypto through dollar-cost averaging, a tried and true method that is easy and performs well with Soon’s algorithm.


Soon utilizes multiple methods to automate the selling of your crypto, utilizing your daily spending activity and Open AI. This significantly improves the experience of taking profits.


Soon can provide an automated portfolio, so you don’t have to decide what to invest in. Or, you can decide which assets you’d like Soon to automate yourself


Soon can consolidate your capital gains taxes from the exchanges you use into one place, tracking and setting aside what you need to file your taxes. Soon also provides automated tax-loss harvesting.

Available first with:

*Coming Soon to:

*Currently only crypto supported for platforms that also support stocks
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Stress-Free Investing

With Soon Sync, you’ll be able to invest in crypto, wherever you like to invest, without all the stressful aspects of investing.

Simple and Easy

If you’re already investing on another exchange, Soon Sync can make it even easier. With less time and effort, Soon can help you grow.

No Timing the Market

Speculating is hard, but with Soon Sync you don’t have to worry about when to buy or when to sell. There’s no emotional roller-coaster. Just set it up and forget it.

No Research Required

Soon Sync makes it possible to invest without experience and without spending significant time researching what to invest. Investing can be complicated and intimidating, but Soon makes it easy.
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