Stress Less,
Live More, with
Fully-Automated Crypto Investing

No speculating on the market.
No more emotional roller coasters.
No investing experience required.

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Y Combinator
Winter 2022

Timing the Market is Out,
Fully Automated Investing is In

Soon connects to your spending account and uses your daily spending activity to signal asset sales.

Put Your Hard-Earned Money to Work

You’re working hard, but cash that’s just sitting in your bank account isn’t working for you.

Soon gives your bank a helping hand by automatically investing your extra cash. Then any earnings are sent right back to your spending account.

Bring Your Own Bank

Soon is an automated investment account that attaches to the bank of your choice...BYOB!

Investments are automated, and earnings flow back into your spending account without any extra effort.

Have multiple spending accounts? Connect them all and create more opportunities to earn.

Boost Your Spending Account

When you connect Soon to your bank, it’s like attaching a rocket booster to your cash flow!

Soon’s investment strategy is designed to boost your day to day spending by using available investment gains to help cover your purchases.

Reduce Exposure to
Inflation AND Recession

Soon helps you keep a portion of your cash in investments, reducing the effects of inflation on your money.

Soon is also opportunistic, aggressively taking gains whenever possible. This strategy is designed to reduce the time your value sits in volatile markets exposed to potential recession and inflation.

Crypto Done Right

Speculating on crypto can be extremely stressful & time-consuming. With Soon you don’t need to ride those emotional waves.

Soon works best with assets that exhibit more short-term volatility, something that crypto excels at. So you can spend like normal and Soon will take care of the rest, no need to time the market!

Build Wealth for the Lifestyle of Your choice

Soon is a wealth engine designed to get value from investments in the short-term.

That means the wealth Soon builds for you can be applied any way you want. Need that game console or looking to pay off debt? Soon is designed for you!

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Soon is supported by Wyre, one of the most trusted partners in the crypto industry. Wyre provides secure custodial services for all Soon users.

Private and Anonymous

Military-grade 256 bit encryption protects your data, especially your personal financial information. We also value your privacy. Your data will never be sold and is encrypted in a manner that we can’t review ourselves without your permission


Soon’s founders have extensive experience in cyber-security and built Soon from the ground up with bank-grade security protocols. Soon is architected with multiple fail-safe mechanisms to ensure your assets are as safe as possible.

Blockchain Backed

All transactions and balances are stored using blockchain technology. With our ledger system, data is securely stored and verified by a trusted third party. This prevents attackers from accessing or modifying your data.