Connect Exchanges in Seconds

Adding trading platforms is extremely easy! Soon's partner Mesh makes it possible to connect exchanges in seconds! No need to create developer accounts, deal with complicated APIs or technical integrations.

Soon is available on the top trading platforms.

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Easily Build Your Portfolio

Select from the default assets, or explore a variety of options.

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Simple Configuration

You can take the default path that requires little to no configuration. Or if you'd like more control, Soon provides configuration options, so you can customize investment settings to match your goals.


Track Your Progress

Soon's dashboard allows you to easily view your investment progress and your configuration settings.

A robust set of features

Soon provides a broad set of investing features to give you powerful tools in a simple, intuitive app.

Auto Buying  

Set up a simple buying schedule to purchase crypto the smart way.

Auto Selling  

Soon makes taking profits easier than ever!

User journey

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Auto-Pilot  

Set up Soon's automated selling tools in minutes.

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Reimburse Spending  

Automatically reimburse your spending with your profits.

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Configure your account to compound your earnings.

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Tax Stash  

Soon's tools can help you dynamically track your capital gains taxes.

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Stop Loss  

Replace underperforming investments and reduce your taxes.

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