Works with these exchanges ...and more

Rapid Client Setup, Low Maintenance

Set up client accounts in minutes, Soon takes care of the rest

Connect Exchanges in seconds

To set up client accounts, simply find the desired exchange, and connect with username and password.

Powerful Default Automations

Soon makes configuring automations extra easy. With defaults, the work is already done for you! Or, if you'd like, use our simple but powerful settings to customize each client's investment approach.

Non-Predictive & Low Maintenance

Soon's approach is reactive, utilizing randomness to signal profit sales. This dramatically reduces the effort required to manage client accounts

Automating Sound Investing Principles

Soon's algorithms are designed to make responsible investing easier and more approachable to financial advisors

Automated Invest & Divest

Soon utilizes dollar-cost average the buy, and a similar method to sell consistently and take advantage of day to day profits.


Diversify across asset classes and within asset classes, providing automation for both crypto and stocks.

Automated Management by Position

Soon tracks investment positions individually, buying and selling according to the need of each individual position.

Non-Speculative, Non-Predictive

Soon's unique, patent-pending investment approach utilizes randomness for reactive investing, rapidly taking advantage of profit opportunities as they present themselves. It's a more responsible approach that is less emotional and less time-consuming.

AI Assistant

Soon makes managing portfolio and investments easy for financial advisors with powerful AI tools.

Key Features

Auto Buying

Simple dollar-cost averaging

Auto Selling

Automatically sell profits


Configure automated selling settings

Reimburse Spending

Use daily spending activity to trigger the sale of profits


Automatically compound earnings

Tax Stash

Automatically track capital gains taxes with dynamic tax-loss harvesting

Stop Loss

Automatically replace underperforming positions and harvest tax losses

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Soon is the easiest way to support your clients investing needs.