Announcing Soon's New Custodial Partner, Fortress Trust

To reinforce our offering, Soon is partnering with Fortress Trust as our new primary crypto custodian. Fortress delivers financial, regulatory and technical infrastructure to the rapidly emerging Web3 space and will provide a more solid foundation for Soon’s services.

Soon will leverage Fortress’ Web3 infrastructure APIs in the Soon app to improve the experience. Soon is the only app that reimburses your daily spending with crypto gains, delivered stress-free and fully-automated, and with Fortress, Soon is even better.

Some key enhancements Fortress makes possible for Soon’s experience:

  1. Price - Thanks to Fortress, we are now able to make Soon more affordable. Transfer fees have been reduced from 3.69% to 1.99%
  2. Transfer Speed - ACH transfers are now improved from 5-10 business days to 1-2 business days.
  3. Reliability - Soon’s connection to your bank account is now much more stable and transfer success should be increased significantly.
  4. Geographic Availability - Soon is now available in more US states.
  5. Regulatory Framework - Fortress is regulated as a Nevada Trust, providing enhanced regulatory requirements for the responsible management of your funds.

Scott Purcell, Fortress CEO and Founder, said, "We are excited to assist Aaron, Mike and the Soon team in creating a cutting-edge UX powered by the Fortress Trust infrastructure. With some of the recent developments across the space, Soon came to us looking to move quickly, in a compliant, regulatory manner. We're proud to be Soon's chosen custodial solution, and we look forward to witnessing the revolutionary impact that the Soon team will bring to the crypto investment category.

We are excited for the opportunities our partnership with Fortress affords us to continually improve Soon for you!

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