Meet Soon 2.0

We’ve been hard at work on the new Soon, and it is now ready for everyone to use. This latest iteration still provides all the great automated features you’ve come to love about Soon, but it is now even better.

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Product Upgrades

Boosted by OpenAI

At Soon we are constantly enhancing our product to better support your needs. Today we are releasing the first AI-enabled enhancement to Soon, powered by OpenAI. This new feature enhances Soon’s transaction reimbursement liquidation model and better matches your liquidation events to the amount you are depositing. This is the first in a series of AI improvements we plan to add to Soon.

Compounded Earnings with Reinvesting

Many of our customers have expressed a desire to be able to compound their earnings by reinvesting them instead of having them sent back to their bank account. Today we are announcing a new feature that gives you the ability to decide what percent of your earnings you want to be reinvested, and what percent you want to be sent back to your back account weekly.

Self-Directed Mode

You can now customize your liquidation configuration. This is beneficial for the small percentage of people whose banks are not yet supported by Soon. But it can also be used to include additional sale triggers…allowing you to check the markets more often than the frequency generated by your daily spending.

Improved Service

Reduced Fees

During our beta, Soon transfer fees were set at 3.69%, but they are now reduced to just 1.99%! We are very excited to provide even more value for even less.

Faster ACH Transfers

Previously ACH transfers could take up to 15 business days. But we have now reduced our transfer time significantly. Most transfers will happen in 1-2 business days, and some may even happen same day.

Now Available to More Customers

Until recently, Soon was not available in all US states. But today we are announcing that Soon is now more widely available to US residents, including in previously unsupported states like Texas and Hawaii. If you have previously been unable to use Soon due to your unsupported state, you will now be able to sign up for full access.

Improved Reliability

Soon’s trading service is now much more reliable. Transfer failures have been greatly reduced. This means you will take gains when you should, and that translates to greater potential returns.

Improved Regulatory Framework

Soon is now built upon a Nevada Trust. As a trust, your funds are subject to additional regulatory requirements and controls, increasing the level of protection on your funds.

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