New Investment Tools: Smart Stop-Loss and Tax-Loss Harvesting

We are thrilled to announce two incredible features that are set to redefine your investment experience and take it up a notch. In our constant pursuit to improve and provide a seamless investing journey, we have introduced Smart Stop-Loss and Tax-Loss Harvesting.

Smart Stop-Loss

Avoid the temptation to make impulsive decisions that lead to unnecessary losses. Our innovative stop-loss system triggers only when it aligns with your spending behavior or gets activated by our Auto-Pilot system. It's built with the aim of making investing a carefree process and helping you make strategic decisions without panic.

Automated Tax-Loss Harvesting

Convert your losses into a reduction of your capital gains taxes! Soon's system intelligently unlocks a portion of your Tax Stash when Smart Stop-Loss bounces into action. It's not about setbacks but about strategically using them to strengthen your investment portfolio.

Features in Perfect Symbiosis

These newly launched features are created to complement and enhance one another perfectly, providing real-time risk abatement and tax optimization. They are fine-tuned for a harmonious operation, always striving to put investor needs at the forefront.

Looking forward to improvising your crypto investing ventures right away? Navigate to your Account, select Investment Settings, and activate these features today!