Pioneering Lifestyle Fintech

How Soon is defining a new segment within financial services

Ask the average millennial how excited they are about their finances and you’re not likely to get a positive response. In fact, most associate negative emotions with finances, including anxiety, depression and even negative effects on their relationships & social life. In order to alleviate such significant pain points, the financial services industry will need to adjust their approach.

Cue Lifestyle Fintech, the future of personal finance. Soon is introducing Lifestyle Fintech for the first time, and providing a tool that brings the benefits of investing into the near-term with our automated wealth engine.

Defining Lifestyle Fintech

To fit the bill as a Lifestyle Fintech service, a product must automate and simplify a significant portion of our financial lives…enough that it reduces the time and energy required to spend personally managing it. It must also alleviate some of the burden finances carry for most consumers. Some are calling this enhanced automation “Super Robo”, and although it’s an important piece to the puzzle, it doesn’t tell the full story.

Lifestyle Fintech must also come with a built-in wealth-generating engine that translates to an improved lifestyle in the near-term. That means helping you realize not just your financial goals, but also your life goals sooner, in a near-effortless manner, and utilizing the cash flow that is currently available to you.

Characteristics of Lifestyle Fintech

Soon IS Lifestyle Fintech

At Soon, we’ve spent the last several years building the first true Lifestyle Fintech app. We believe everyone should benefit from the upside of saving and investing without needing to learn any new behaviors.

Soon’s wealth engine is capable of generating investment-level returns as you spend. You’ll receive alerts when extra cash is available. When spending with extra cash, savings can be automatically pushed into your goals, and Soon will notify you as those goals are accomplished.

With Soon, you can spend, save, invest, divest and accomplish financial goals, just by using a debit card. So now, if you know how to spend with a debit card, you know how to manage your finances, and you can use your cash flow to make a positive impact on your quality of life in the near-term.

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