Reserve Your Spot in the Soon Crowdfund

Today we are announcing that Soon will be launching a crowdfund on Republic...soon. But before it launches we wanted to give you a chance to reserve your spot to invest in Soon!Nearly $90K has already been reserved, Click the button below to save your spot.

Soon chose Republic, the most prestigious crowdfunding platform, as our partner. Republic applies the highestlevel of rigor of any crowdfunding platform when vetting potential partnersand only acceptsthe very best companies, a small portion of applicants.

We are very excited to build even more powerful features to add to Soon's fully automated crypto investing platform and this raise will be used to accelerate Soon's product and growth.

We appreciate your support of Soon and so we wanted to give you an early opportunity to join the Soon family as a shareholder before all the open spots are reserved.You can invest in Soon if you are an individual, or even if you represent an institution. We are excited to grow with you!