Soon Public Release

Soon is Now in Public Beta

Today we are announcing that Soon is now available to the general public and is officially in public beta. The waitlist has been turned off for all users, so if you haven't been able to access Soon in the past, it's time!

Getting started with Soon is easy! Just download the app in the iOS or Android app store. In 90 seconds you can create an account and start investing. On average our beta users sell their first gains within 10 days and earnings are paid out weekly.

Download the app now:

iOS Apple App Store link for Soon crypto investing app

Soon Delivers Even when the Market Struggles

From June through October, our beta users averaged a 9.1% return on liquidated gains...even while the market was suffering significant drawbacks. Soon's strategy does not require the market to move in an upward trajectory. Soon takes advantage of micro-opportunities the market provides via small market corrections from week to week.

By dollar-cost averaging, Soon is constantly buying. And through our automated selling strategy designed to reimburse your spending, Soon is constantly selling available gains. We've foundit's an easier, more reliable way to benefit from crypto.

Recent Updates to the Soon App

During the private beta our team has made significant improvements to the Soon app. We've been able to harden Soon's core algorithm and improve transfer reliability. We've also added some valuable features like tax stash and the ability to add data from multiple spending accounts, including your credit card spending data.

There are many more features that will be implemented in the coming months. We will also be releasing Soon Premium, a service that makes Soon more affordable for power users and provides advanced features that improve the efficiency of Soon and allow for some account configuration.

How Soon Works

Been a while since you last looked into Soon, and need a refresher? No worries, we've got you covered. Today we are also releasing a new video that describes how Soon works. Take a look!

Let us Help you Grow your Wealth in the Now

We made Soon to help you accomplish your life goals in the near-term, and we're very excited for you to try out Soon! We hope you'll give us a chance to help bring more financial choice into your life.