New Updates to Enhance Your Crypto Investing Experience with Soon

Today we are announcing a range of new updates to improve your crypto investing experience at Soon. This latest batch of updates is part of our ongoing commitment to building the easiest and most automated investing experience. 

Stop-Loss and Tax-Loss Harvesting 

Stop-loss is a great way to reduce the risk of investing. By taking losses periodically, it also has the added benefit of reducing your capital gains taxes. This is called tax-loss harvesting. Soon connects these two features together dynamically and uses stop-losses to pull from your tax stash to be reinvested automatically.

Learn more about stop-loss and tax-loss harvesting here.

Updated Pricing with Pre-Pay Options

We listen to our users and value your feedback. Improved pricing is one of the frequently requested enhancements from our user community. Today, we are excited to launch updates to our pricing scheme. For new users, you can now pre-pay to reduce or even completely eliminate ACH transfer fees, making your investment journey more seamless and cost-effective.

For existing users, this feature will be available for direct configuration soon. You can also access it at any time by making a manual deposit.

Revamped User Interface

To further improve the experience with Soon, we’ve improved the user interface. The home screen has been revamped to better communicate the Soon process and what is happening with your investments. You will be able to get a quick view of what is happening what services you have enabled, and get quick access to configuration settings. 

We have also added more help text to provide greater context and education throughout the app. So now you can make more informed configuration decisions.

Dark Mode

For all the night owls and users who prefer an alternative visual experience, we have introduced Dark Mode. Switch to Dark Mode to give your eyes a break from the bright light, especially late at night. You can activate dark mode by visiting the settings page and clicking on “Appearance”.

We hope these new upgrades will make Soon an even better experience. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and making even more enhancements in the future.

Thank you for staying with us and being part of the Soon community.