Soon App is Now Available and Beta is Rolling Out!
Soon crypto investing app screen

The wait is finally over! The Soon app is now available for anyone to download on the iOS app store and Google Play store. Now you can experience the convenience of fully-automated crypto investing without the stress of timing the market.

AND the Soon beta is now open with the first invites rolling out this month. Click the buttons below to download the Soon app now:

iOS Apple App Store link for Soon crypto investing app


Today we've begun sending out invites, starting with the first 100 people on the list. If you're not in the top 100 and you haven't yet received your invite you can still download the Soon app, create your account, see your place in line and refer your friends to move up the list. If you haven’t signed up yet and you're not on the waitlist, there's never been a better time to get started!

Can I download the app even if I haven’t received the invite?

Yes! Anyone can download the app. If your invite hasn’t come yet the app will show your place in line. You’ll also be able to share your link with others to move up the waitlist.

Soon crypto investing app waitlist screen

How to get in earlier

You can move up the list to get earlier access. Download the Soon app and login to your account to access your referral link. Soon even provides a QR code to make referrals easy. As your friends download the Soon app and create an account you'll move up the list!